The BioBricks Foundation:Workshop2/New Parts

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TK is collecting a set of wanted parts on OWW.

Edit the list: !!

Some of the things we talked about:

  • weird antibiotics
  • transposase genes
  • complete set of recombinases
  • wide variety of RNA based sensors
  • All small metabolites
  • broad host range plasmids - r6 origin plasmids
  • whole set of protein tagging regions (chitin binding, biotin
  • protein solubility tags
  • slicing domains from intiens
  • protease cleavage sites
  • surface display / localization techniques
  • dual luciferasee reporters
  • dual color system (promega)
  • bacterial luciferaces
  • enzymatic reporters (alkaline phosphatase, beta-gal, horserradish peroxidase)
  • mutation control and dna repair enzymes
  • wide variety of zinc finger domains

Drew: The BBF will set up this list, celebrate it, promulgate it, and encourage people to add to it and improve it and embellish it.