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Draft the BioBricks™ Legal Scheme (January 2008)

Start Scheme

  1. You are free to modify, improve, and use all BioBrick™ parts, in systems with other BioBricks™ parts or non-BioBrick™ genetic material.
  2. If you release a product, commercially or otherwise, that contains BioBrick™ parts or was produced using BioBrick™ parts, then you must make freely available the information about all BioBrick™ parts used in the product, or in producing the product, both for preexisting BioBrick™ parts and any new or improved BioBrick™ parts. You do not need to release information about any non-BioBrick™ material used in the system.
  3. By using BioBrick™ parts, you agree to not encumber the use of BioBrick™ parts, individually or in combination, by others.

End Scheme

Samuelson Clinic Materials from March 2008 UCSF Workshop

  1. Legal Options Backgrounder & Draft BBF Legal Scheme: PDF
  2. Executive Summary of Findings: PDF
  3. Slides from March UCSF Workshop: PPT

Proposed BBF LWG Projects

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Background Information & Materials

  1. Synthetic Biology: Caught between Property Rights, the Public Domain, and the Commons
  2. Biobazaar: The Open Source Revolution and Biotechnology
  3. New Breeds: Discovering Synthetic Biology
  4. Synthetic Biology Patent Applications Expected to Present New Challenges
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