The Auditors are coming to MIT - Audit FAQ

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EHS Management System External Audit

MIT has implemented a comprehensive and integrated Environment, Health and Safety Management System (EHS-MS), a highly collaborative effort that draws on the leadership and expertise of faculty, researchers, students, administrators, and staff. The EHS Management System is helping to reshape how members of the MIT community view their environment, health, and safety responsibilities, and carry out MIT’s EHS commitment in their day-to-day activities.

As a measure of our commitment to the success of the Institutes EHS Management System, external auditors, in conjunction with the MIT Audit Division, will conduct an Institute-wide audit. The auditors will examine the overall implementation and effectiveness of the EHS Management System as required by MIT’s EPA and Department of Justice consent decree.

You may already be familiar with many facets of the EHS Management System, such as required EHS training, weekly self-inspections (Level I) done by your EHS Representative, and inspections (Level II) done by your departmental EHS Committee and Coordinator. A pilot audit is slated for September through October 2005. This pilot audit is in preparation for the Institute-wide external audit required in the spring of 2006.

To be successful, MIT needs you to make the difference. Use the following FAQ to increase your awareness of the EHS Management System audit.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is an external (Level III) audit?

2. Who does this affect?

3. Where will the auditors be inspecting?

4. Who performs the external (Level III) audit?

5. How does this affect me?

6. What can I do to prepare?

7. What should I do if the auditors ask me questions?

8. What types of questions will be asked

9. Will they talk to my PI/Supervisor?

10. What happens if I don’t give the right answer or known the answer to a question?

11. Will I get advance notice?

12. What happens if I am in the middle of an experiment and the auditors want to speak with me? (Or will this interrupt my lab?)

13. What if I am a UROP?

14. I am an office worker, how does the audit affect me?

15. Where can I find my EHS Coordinator’s contact information?

16. How can I find out who my EHS Representative is?

17. What is the EHS Policy and where can I find it?

Need more information? Contact the MIT EHS Office at 617-452-3477 or at Also visit or