Terrific Broth

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Terrific broth (TB, not to be confused with T Broth)


  1. 12 g Bacto tryptone
  2. 24 g Bacto yeast extract
  3. 4 mL Glycerol
  4. 100 mL 0.17M KH2PO4 and 0.72M K2HPO4, sterile, to be prepared separately from the tryptone, yeast extract, and glycerol solution.


  1. Mix tryptone, yeast extract and glycerol, and add distilled water up to 900mL
  2. Pour into 2 L flask (or greater)
  3. Autoclave (liquid cycle)
  4. Allow liquid to cool to less than 60 degrees Centrigrade
  5. Add 100 mL potassium phosphate solution