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This template attempts to superimpose an invisible link on an image. It doesn't work in Safari, in text-only browsers, and in screen readers for the disabled, and possibly other situations.

  • BC: It seems to work ok in Safari for me.
  • BC 15:24, 13 March 2006 (EST):The "clickable" area of the link is set by some invisible text (nbsp). If the image is bigger than the text, then some of the image doesn't click through to the link. It appears that setting the text size to be bigger than the image works fine and the area outside the image is non-clickable as its outside the div that borders the image. If you see a mysterious line appearing in the middle of a big image, try increasing the font size of the link text in this template. Not the most elegant of hacks:)
  • Austin 15:30, 13 March 2006 (EST): Also if you try to highlight the text around the image, the image disappears. We may want to think about whether it's worth using an extension to do this properly or if this hack is sufficient. navimages didn't work properly but I'm sure there's a way out there.