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Biobricking of pre-pro sequence basic part sbb42
Digest pBjh1601AC-Bjh1723                      (BglII/BamHI, 91+3203, S)
Sub into pBca9523-Bca1144                      (EcoRI/BamHI, 918+2472, L)
Product is pBca9523-rbs_pelB  	{rbs_pelB>}

JCA Notes

  • You're going to be digesting EcoRI/BamHI for both source and destination
  • You want to transfer into pBjk2471
  • Product has same partName as source
Eco/Bam transfer pBjh1601AC-Bjh1723
Sub into pBjk2741-Bca1144            (EcoRI/BamHI, 910+2170, L)
Product is pBjk2741-Bjh1723  	{rbs_pelB>}