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Kamran Ali

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Welcome to your project page!

For each part listed, you should:

  • Design oligos to make your part
  • Write up proper construction files and put it on the Construction Files page
  • Put your oligos on the Oligo Log page
  • Put your part sequence on the part document
  • Name your parts according to the list here

Beta Helix Repeats

 Source:  E. coli avian APEC genomic DNA

You are going to construct a passenger part encoding some beta helix repeats from the Tsh autotransporter. For background, you should read PMID: 15728184. See pubmed nucleotide sequence AF218073 for the DNA. Also check out the annotated protein sequence at AAA24698. You are going to make a BglBricks part out of a small fragment of this gene that encodes:


(which doesn't include the amino acids encoded by the BglBricks polylinker)

This part encodes a passenger protein

Your passenger part should be of the {<part>} style (no start, no stop). There should be NO prepro sequence in your part. If your part is naturally secreted, you should encode only the active peptide. You should design your construction file to insert your part into plasmid pBca9495AK-Bca1144#5 using EcoRI and BamHI. The map of this plasmid is here.

HA Tag

 Source: pBca1256-K112506   {<HA>}

This part has already been constructed as a BglBricks basic part in plasmid pBca1256. You will be transferring the part using the Gateway reaction into the assembly vector. To do this, you will react the source plasmid with plasmid pBca1254AK. As background, you should read PMID: 12536251.

This part encodes a passenger protein

After performing the Gateway reaction, your product plasmid will be pBca9495AK-partname. To see what the part looks like in the product vector, look at this map of the RFP-expressing part Bca1144 in pBca9495AK.