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Magnetic Bead Binding Peptide

 Source: Synthetic

You will construct a BglBricks part encoding a "nuisance peptide" that binds to magnetic beads. You should read PMID: 15620878. This is the peptide sequence of your part:


You want to make your part with no start, no stop, and in frame with BglII and BamHI.

This part encodes a passenger protein

Your passenger part should be of the {<part>} style (no start, no stop). There should be NO prepro sequence in your part. If your part is naturally secreted, you should encode only the active peptide. You should design your construction file to insert your part into plasmid pBca9495AK-Bca1144#5 using EcoRI and BamHI. The map of this plasmid is here.