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Vaibhavi Umesh

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Welcome to your project page!

For each part listed, you should:

  • Design oligos to make your part
  • Write up proper construction files and put it on the Construction Files page
  • Put your oligos on the Oligo Log page
  • Put your part sequence on the part document
  • Name your parts according to the list here

Circularly Permuted ompX

 Source:  E. coli MG1655 genomic DNA

Before starting design, you should read this tutorial:
A Guide to Circular Permution
In general, you should clone the bits and pieces out of genomic DNA first, subclone and sequence those bits, then assemble them into full length in a separate step. You can use either SOEing as described in the tutorial to do the assembly, or use standard assembly.

The reference for linker composition of eCPX is: PMID: 18480093

This part encodes a N-terminal display protein

Your displayer part should be of the {<part!} style (no start, with stop). There should be NO prepro sequence in your part. You should design your construction file to insert your part into plasmid pBca9495KC-Bca1144#5 using EcoRI and BamHI. The map of this plasmid is here.