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HER2 Signaling Workgroup.

Important papers, files, and meeting updates can be found in the Box folder. Link:[1]

The current members are:

Joe Gray (grayjo@ohsu.edu)

Jim Korkola (korkola@ohsu.edu)

Spencer Watson (watsons@ohsu.edu)

Bill Muller (william.muller@mcgill.ca)

Xiaolin Nan (nan@ohsu.edu)

Koie Chin (chinkoei(ohsu.edu)

Summer Gibs (gibbss@ohsu.edu)

Kimberly Beatty (beattyl@ohsu.edu)

Sunjong Kwon (kwons@ohsu.edu)

Joe Garay (garayj@ohsu.edu)

Heidi Feiler (feiler@ohsu.edu)

The purpose of this group is to determine aspects of HER2 signaling in HER2 amplified cancer cells that can serve as the basis for near-term publications. New data demonstrates how the tumor microenvironment has subtype-specific effects on cancer cells that have the capacity to rewire internal signaling, and cause anti-HER2 therapeutics to become growth stimulants. This potentially involves: novel heterodimers, RTK feedback loops, overexpression of exogenous growth factors, intercellular trafficking, and morphological changes.

The preliminary figure below illustrates some proposed mechanisms in luminal HER2+ cell lines for how lapatinib treatment can result in enhanced growth when there are high levels of exogenous NRG1.

Prelim NRG figure small.jpg