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The Methodist Hospital Research Institute, Houston, Texas.
You can also visit my homepage at: Fanglab

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We are bioinformatics laboratory interested in the following area:

  • Developing statistical and computational methodology to make discovery in high throughput DNA sequencing data. Bioinformatics tools for new sequencing technologies, statistical solutions for combining different types of sequencing data for integrative analysis, innovative methodologies to make novel observation or answer new biological questions.
  • Understanding gene regulation network that determines cell identity and tissue specificity in development. The identity of a cell is determined by its unique gene expression program. Many factors can regulate or influence transcription, e.g., genomic elements, transcription factors, histone modifications, DNA methylations, and noncoding RNA. Our goal is to investigate not only how each factor works, but also how different factors interact to form a gene regulation network.
  • Discovering driver genes of cancer, genetic disease, or other important phenotypes. With Over 10 years research experiences in epigenomics, genomics, and bioinformatics, we are highly interested in developing machine learning algorithms to combine epigenetic and genetic data for disease gene discovery.

Recent news:

October, 2015

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