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Recent publications

Min, K.J., Flatt, T., Kulaots, I., Tatar, M. Counting Calories in Drosophila Dietary Restriction. Experimental Gerontology. In press.

Flatt, T., Moroz, L. L., Tatar, M., A. Heyland. Comparing thyroid and insect hormone signaling. Integrative & Comparative Biology. In press

Min, K.J., Horgan, M., Tatar, M., and O’Brien, D.M. 2006. Resource allocation to reproduction and soma in Drosophila: stable isotope analysis of carbon from dietary sugar. Journal of Insect Physiology. 763-770. PDF

Min, K.J. and Tatar, M. 2006. Restriction of amino acids extends lifespan in Drosophila melanogaster. Mechanisms of Ageing and Development. 643-646. PDF

Tu, M.P., Flatt, T., and M. Tatar. 2006. Juvenile and steroid hormones in Drosophila melanogaster longevity. Chapter in the Handbook of the Biology of Aging PDF

Min, K.J. and Tatar, M. 2006. Drosophila diet restriction in practice: Do flies consume fewer nutrients? Mechanisms of Ageing and Development PDF


The Tatar lab combines genetics, demography, evolutionary biology and physiology of Drosophila to understand the basic mechanisms of aging. Aging is the continuous decline in somatic function that leads to progressive increase in mortality. We are particularly interested in how hormones coordinate the components of life history (growth, reproduction, and aging) by mediating nutrient allocation and components of cellular or systemic stress response. We are currently exploring how insulin-like peptides respond to nutrition and thereby mediate secondary endocrines such as neuropeptides, juvenile hormone, and ecdysone, and then how these hormones affect reproduction and aging. Many stress response systems are of interest to our lab, including heat shock proteins, cellular anti-oxidant enzymes, and innate immunity.

Recent announcements

  • 07/09/06 - Brian Sage has a new baby, Bailey Grace Sage.
  • 03/01/06 - Lab welcomes Gretchen and Eugenia.
  • 01/09/06 - New website goes live on OpenWetWare.
  • 01/09/06 - Publications added.

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