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Contact Info

  • Tami Cruickshank
  • Indiana University
  • 1001 E 3rd St. Bloomington, IN, 475405

I am PhD student with Mike Wade (IU page, OWW page) and Armin Moczek in the department of biology at Indiana University.


  • 2011, PhD, Biology, Indiana University
  • 2005, BS, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Connecticut

Research interests

  1. Sequence diversity in gene regulatory regions
  2. Inter- and intra-sexual dimorphism, sex ratio, threshold traits and general evo-devo of Gnathocerus cornutus
  3. Maternal effects
Male pupa Oct4.tif

Selected publications

Moczek, A.P., T. Cruickshank and A. Shelby. 2006. When ontogeny reveals what phylogeny hides: gain and loss of horns during development and evolution of horned beetles. Evolution 60(11).

Wade, M.J., N.K. Priest and T. Cruickshank. 2007. A theoretical overview of maternal genetic effects: evolutionary predictions and empirical tests using sequence data within and across mammalian taxa. In Maternal Effects in Mammals. Eds. D. Maestripieri and J. Mateo. University of Chicago Press.

Cruickshank T. and Wade M.J. 2008. Microevolutionary support for a developmental hourglass: gene expression patterns shape sequence variation and divergence in Drosophila. Evolution & Development 10(5) 583-90.

Datta, R., T. Cruickshank and J. Kumar. 2011. Differential selection on paralogs within the retinal determination network in Drosophila. Evolution and Development 13: 58-71.

Cruickshank, T. and Nista, P. 2011 Selection and constraint on regulatory elements in D. simulans. J. Mol. Evol. In press


Snell-Rood E.C., Van Dyken J.D., Cruickshank, T., Wade M.J., and Moczek A.P. 2010. Toward a population genetic framework of developmental evolution: the costs, limits, and consequences of phenotypic plasticity. Bioessays 32(1) 71-81.

Pfennig, D. W., Wund, M. A., Snell-Rood, E. C., Cruickshank, T., Schlichting, C. D., & Moczek, A. P. 2010. Phenotypic plasticity’s impacts on diversification and speciation. Trends in Ecology and Evolution. 25: 459–467.

Book Reviews

Cruickshank, T. 2010. Review of Modular Evolution. Evolution and Development. In press.

Wade, M.J. and T. Cruickshank. 2006. Plastic individuals and evolving populations. Trends in Ecol. and Evol. 21(8): 431-2.


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