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  • Kathleen 08:23, 11 April 2006 (EDT): The info on this page is also contained on the tutorials page. I there any reason not to delete this page?
    • RS 11:44, 11 April 2006 (EDT): I think this page and the Tutorials page should ultimately serve different purposes. Tutorials are step by step instructions on how to do something. Useful facts is a page to draw people's attention to useful resource pages on OWW. For now they overlap but in the future, I would hope that they'll diverge.
  • Kathleen 14:48, 25 Oct 2005 (EDT): The intention of creating this page was to provide a forum for dissemination and discussion of information that may be of general use to the wiki community but may not be widely known by the wiki community. If you think this belongs somewhere else, please move the page. If you think this is unnecessary, please delete the page.