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Preliminary cost estimates from Blue Heron

As far as pricing goes, I will discount your pricing to $1.40/bp for this project. So this is what pricing looks like for just the synthesis of each portion:

Scaffold vector

(?, scaffold with insert)      1,720bp- $2,408

Replication Origins

(BBa_I50001, F plasmid origin) 4,640bp- $6,496
(BBa_I50041, pSC101 origin)    2,215bp- $4,101
(BBa_I50031, pBR322 origin)      858bp- $1,201.20 (OPTIONAL extra origin)

Antibiotic resistant regions

(BBa_P1000, cmR)                 789bp- $1,104.60
(BBa_P1001, tetR)              1,279bp- $1,790.60
(BBa_P1003, kanR)                993bp- $1,390.20
(?, term.AmpR.term)            1,054bp- $1,475.60

Additional costs

  • Vector Set Up - $200
  • Cloning each set of inserts - $100 each

Total costs

  • ~$20,000 to synthesize everything and receive all 6 vector variants that we want.