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Skoch3 15:24, 26 March 2007 (EDT):Hi, Jasu. I stumbled upon this page via looking into R. Two notes came to mind immediately that I thought I would post, although not sure if helpful:

  • I am not an expert, unfortunately, but I would bet that including content on statistically designed experiments (also called Design of Experiments), and in particular, factorial experiments. While at Sandia, I saw these techniques applied to microarray experiments, and the results were fantastic (debugging experiments and greatly improving reproducibility). I believe the software they used was "MyStat" to design and analyze factorial experiments. I took a short introductory course and learned enough to wish that I knew more, as I think optimizing wet lab protocols would be much more efficient with these techniques. A book that I have but haven't really read yet is: "Statistics for Experimenters" Box, Hunter and Hunter ISBN 0-471-09315-7 .
  • I'm also a LabVIEW guy, so I did a lot of basic data analysis in LabVIEW as this was easy to automate to rip through lots of different data sets. Maybe also some of this information would be good for the portal.