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  • As much of a fan of OWW as I am, I'm not sure this is really a practical use of the site. It seems like a lot of work to keep updated for relatively little gain (compared to just updating the 'To Order' page when things run out). Just my two cents, though. -Jkm
  • I agree about the updating - it would be a pain to keep every quantity always up to date. So maybe 'Inventory' is a bad word to describe the purpose of the page. When I first got into the lab this summer I felt pretty lost and didn't know where to find anything. Some supply drawers are labelled, but a lot of things seem to be located in random locations throughout the lab. I had to ask to find where everything is, and it seems like everyone that is new to the lab would have to do similarly.
    • So mostly this is a guide to 'where things are kept in the lab', which will hopefully be useful for these purposes:
    1. new members will be able to look up where most things are located.
    2. new items that are ordered will go to a specific location, so that others can find them.
    • I'll have to take one initial stock of the lab, meaning look through all of the cabinets and drawers and document what it there. Further updates will probably be limited to when new items come into the lab. When things run out, the 'To Order' page is by far a more efficient way to restock.
    • let me know if that sounds more reasonable. so far the page is just a draft, and I'm happy to define the functionality better before I do all the work of taking stock. -Kelsic
  • I like a 'where things are kept' page - this is really useful for things we don't use much (ie dot blot apparatus and nitrocellulose). An example map of the shorthand might be useful. I'm thinking a quick schematic/blueprint style picture of the lab, with the bays/alleys indicated. Another way to reference locations could just be to number the benches (ie Leo's is #1, Katie's is #2) and map that out (?). Tsbayer