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About Trizol

I want to make some homemade Trizol. However I find something very wired in the protocols in Openwetware([[1]]). In protocols Guanidinium Thioyanate(W.M. 118.2) final concentration is 0.8M, but 118.2g is used in 1L Trizol. Ammonium thiocyanate (W.M. 76.1) is 76.1g in Trizol, however, they said the final concentration is 0.4M. I can not understant that. Thank you for your answer! Leo Tang

Well spotted Leo. I copied this section from a colleague and didn't spot the mistake since I buy my TRI/Trizol. But this is what OpenWetWare is all about. You spot a mistake, correct it directly, or contact your colleagues on OWW. I put a protocol for your making your own reagents here: RNA extraction using self-made guanidinium-acid-phenol reagents. It's based on the Chomczynski publications. All the best, Jakob 07:56, 22 February 2009 (EST)