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The originator actually meant "quantification", sorry smoore. (Actually. quantitation is also correct. The definition for both of the verbs "quantitate" and "quantify" is "to determine the quantity of", with quantitation and quantification being the noun form of each verb, respectively. According to a quick google search, both are commonly used when referring to measuring the concentration of nucleic acids. The words "precision" and "measure" only occur in the "quantitate" definition, and not the "quantify" definition at, which may make this the more accurate choice, but it seems like both are acceptable.--Kathleen)

This is the problem with people relying on the internet for grammar rules. A closer look at the definitions presented in The American Heritage Dictionary, The Oxford English Dictionary, and will reveal that the words "quantification" and "quantitation" are both noun forms. The title of this article is presented with a noun form being used as a verb. Therefore, we were both incorrect. The title should read "How to Obtain a quantification/quantitation of nucleic acids" or "How to quantify/quantitate Nucleic Acids" or "Qunatifying/Quantitating" Nucleic Acids".

I renamed the protocol and put a link to it on the main protocol page.

Sean Moore