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Nils' ideas on this project

  1. Is there any exclusive content that we can offer? (only to our members -> we want people to join the SC!)
    • Interviews w/ leaders in industry and academia?
    • Review of/user comments on certain resources? (e.g. websites)
    • Annual survey of our members to determine income-levels for certain fields, what students are currently focussing their research/studies on, ... (this would be a great thing to do but also an enourmous amount of work - we could try to do something like this in collaboration with one of the bioinformatics journals).
    • a place where students can post their experience about internships with certain companies? (could become messy if people decide to flame former employers)
  2. I believe that if we want to make this successful, we need a rather large group of people working on this.
  3. Our strategy should be to make this career-resource interesting for both students and employers/schools for mutual benefit.