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  • Ideas below has yet no preference to what cell types they apply to.

1) Grow different cell types in a mixed cell lawn then use stimulants possibly chemicals, light, sound, electricity, etc.) to separate them. As they separate, they'll show their responds to the stimulants such as changing color, shape, divide, etc. 2) Grow one cell type and stimulate cell movements to form different shape such as a worm, a circle, or maybe a fish. Has anybody seen "Finding Nemo?" There's a scene with the sword fish lining up making different shapes of a boat, a fish, an arrow. I was thinking along the same line. 3) Firefly. Wouldn't it be cool if the cells can light up periodically like the firefly light? It can be like a neon sign using cells. Or it can be a alternating signal that transduce the responds of other cells close by. 4) Expressionable cells. When they're happy, they'll glow pink for example. When they're sad/unhappy, they'll glow blue, etc. The source of their "mood" can be the presence of something good or bad in the environment. I haven't thought of what yet. This idea needs more thinking. 5) Rainbow cells. Cells can be designed to make a rainbow by changing their color from the first to the 7th color of the rainbow. Or cells that are neighbor can express different colors in the order of the rainbow. 6) A race between cells. Bacterial cells seem to be the only one with mobility. They can be designed to have different speed. Grow them at the starting line and let them race each other. The winner will light up after crossing the finished line.