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Please can we stop having 100 headings/subheadings/subsubheadings...

It's really hard to navigate the index found at the top of the page

I spent about 30mins making the whole things easier to nav. but someone has undone my changes

multiple headings

Hey Anthony

I don't know how many people reverted the changes you did, or what specifically that you changed to make it easier to navigate (I added several headings myself, but others did so too).. but the extra headings are there so that we can all edit them separately. We will all be editing this page tonight and tomorrow, and if things are not separated by headings, we might get some conflicts as people make changes at the same time.

Maybe there is a way for us to organise this page, allowing for multiple heading, but making it easier to navigate?

Dirk 15:26, 15 July 2007 (EDT)