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  • What is the difference between the Registry, the iGEM wiki, the OWW wiki, the iGEM website?
  • How do you find parts?
  • How do you know which parts to use?
  • What about the quality of the parts?
  • Do the work in the registry not in your lab notebook
  • How do I get the physical material?
    • synthesis vs PCR vs clone by phone
  • How do I make the part?
    • does it have any BioBrick enzymes sites?
    • codon optimization?
    • where does my sequence start and end? ATG to TAATAA
    • remove extraneous sequence
    • adding prefixes and suffixes
  • How do I assemble together parts?
    • making composite parts on the Registry
    • doing assembly
    • finding subparts, finding parts, finding good parts

Later discussion topics

  • Poor documentation of parts
  • Using BioBricks assembly ... basic vs composite parts