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Electronic meeting place for BMB to discuss out how we would like to develop our Special Topics Biochemistry Classes. Part of the notes below are from a meeting of the BMB Curriculum Steering Committee (BMB CSC) Maureen, Svetlana, and David F. (Matt Thayer not present but his input is incuded as well). Goals: strong education, attract and select best students, identity for BMCB-specific classes.

BMB Special Topics Development

What has been offered in the past

  1. Protein Structure and Design-alternate Spring/Winter Term
  2. Membranes and Membrane Proteins-alternate Spring/Winter terms
  3. Physical Biochemistry
  4. Biophysics and Bioinformatics (required class)

General Questions

  • how many classes should there be?
  • how long should the class be
  • how many students are there likely to be? 6-7
  • how many instructors are ready/willing able to participate

Task List/who will do it

  • what are the requirements for training grant? Is there a link or text we could post for reference?-Guidelines? Maureen Peter has an email with links. He will send.
  • what is the deadline to get the class descriptions submitted for inclusion in catalog?--
  • what are the steps needed before submission? Graduate council approval? yes
  • where is the class description submitted? -registrar
  • Get list of classes from C. Cunningham-Maureen. Maureen 11:59, 16 August 2006 (EDT) requested, will not hear back until after Sept 3rd. Maureen 16:54, 6 November 2006 (EST) done Current BMCB Class Listing with Registrar
  • change the BMB web site to reflect our changes-changed once we know revisions, in some cases exisiting JCs may be adapted to, some of the courses-list of approved JC bring up in faculty meeting-Maureen 21:02, 14 August 2006 (EDT)JCs 2006-2007: MEH (R3 Club), PR, Linda, and maybe Hua (will advise later).
  • BMB JC 605--Peter (CDB adv JC Mechanisms of Signaling), Sveta, Hua?, Buddy? require attendance and giving talk to "count"-Maureen
  • letter to C. Cunninham to request name change BMCB 625 from Adv Mol Biol to Topics and Methods in Modern Molecular Biology.Maureen 19:52, 2 November 2006 (EST) done
  • What are BMCB requirements?-David
  • what do we need to do right now
  • email to students and ask if they have had P. Chem?- David
  • what are grad school requirements for didactic credits? Prob 16.-David
  • Discuss June 2007

Possibilities for Courses and Templates to fill in

BMB 666 Advanced Topics in Biochemistry

  • Proposal: a 12-week class that would expand on the topics covered in Bioregulation
  • Course Director
  • Terms offered
  • Credits
  • Class assignments and grading
  • Potential instructors

BMB 777 Advanced Topics in BMB

--Maureen 20:00, 10 August 2006 (EDT)this is an idea Matt and I have discussed. He and I would like to co-direct this class. I propose a 5-week class with a special focus on the biochemistry/molecular biology of genomic instability. This is modeled after a popular class taught at UofW by Ray Monnat and others.

  • Course Director. Hoatlin &Thayer
  • Terms offered. Every Spring
  • Credits. 1.5
  • Description. This course will review the latest developments in biochemical mechanisms underlying genomic instability: DNA damage response, DNA replication and repair. Special emphasis on biochemistry and structure function of helicases, polymerases and checkpoint proteins.
  • Class assignments and grading.

BMB 888 Advanced Methods in Biochemistry

  • Course Director
  • Terms offered
  • Credits
  • Class assignments and grading

Topics recommended by the BMB CSC

  • siRNA
  • sequencing
  • electrophoresis
  • protein-protein binding measurements
  • mass spectroscopy
  • X-Ray Crystallography

Meeting notes 8/11/06

People: Peter, Sveta, MEH, David F.

  • Concentrate on 2nd year in key areas in immediate future
  • see what is now listed
  • keep continuity in classes
  • or say modified classes to keep up
  • 6 required courses in first year

Discusssion of Modification Exisiting 2nd Year Electives

  • which are required (thought by BMB) which are elective (outside dept)
  • ex: BMB 607Dept Seminar Series
  • Goal: need required course each quarter
  • existing

Required Classes

Presentation Classes.

  1. BMCB 619. Goal: hone presentation skills and get feedback on slides and style. 3 students each time 2x a quarter and everyone. short presentations. Evaluations by all present. Define core faculty who will be there everytime and help the students. Need to have a a list of written hints
  2. BMCB XXX. Dept Seminar Series is required class. Weekly exposure by visiting faculty.
  3. BMCB 607. Annual formal research presentation to the BMB Dept.
  4. XXX Approved Vollum writing course or other writing course.

Didactic Training

  1. BMCB 625. Name change--see above
  2. BMCB 621 Biophysical Chemistry of macromolecules. Points under discussion: Is this a requirement? Should it be? Will it be taught this year? Next Spring decide when course are going to be taught.
  3. BMCB 620. Membrane Biochemistry. Not offered 2006-2007. Decide to cut later? changed to required class

Electives-BMB Students must take a least one approved course (this year--more to be added)

  • examples of typical electives for BMB students
  • BMCB 618 Adv Biochem: Membrane Biochemistry
  • BMCB 618: Protein Structure and Design. Name change
  • BMCB 654: Signal Transduction
  • BMCB XXXX. Electives outside Dept. Students and assoc. PI decide to take class taught by PBCM participating depts. What about a Portland State Classes? Would those count?
  • no BMB courses in the Fall 2006.
  • Winter: Membrane Biochem. Required
  • Spring: Adv Mol Biol (with name change)

Proposal 2007-2008

  • Fall: Adv Mol Biol
  • Winter: Biophysical Chemistry
  • Spring: Membrane Biochemistry