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  • BC 22:21, 21 July 2009 (EDT): I don't there is a need for a bidirectional RBS symbol, I've never seen one of those. I would make the empty lozenge into the forward RBS and keep the one with a minus for the reverse RBS. Alternatively, make the RBS an asymmetric shape so the directionality doesn't need to be an annotation - perhaps oval at the upstream end and squared off a the downstream end (e.g a reverse RBS would be an elongated D).
  • Hi, I'm a little bit confused with the 5' overhang and 3' overhang notation. In a "conventional" notation, where the dsDNA is up 5'->3' and down 3'<-5', a 5' overhang would look like "\" instead of "/". But the notation looks opposite. Am I missing something?