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I'm trying to centralize resources that groups have on different pages. Please help by adding more links and by creating some semblance of organization for the links.--Kathleen 09:12, 18 December 2005 (EST)

I found an article reviewing web-base office applications on Slashdot and thought some of them might be useful tools for scientists. I've linked some of the recommended ones on this web resources page. If you don't think they are appropriate, please move them to wherever you see fit. --RS 20:15, 21 February 2006 (EST)

I am in the midst of curating a major overhaul of this page. I have added a vast number of newer resources, fixed/deleted some of the existing items (if they were broken or inappropriately listed), and rearranged most of the sections to be alphabetical. Many of the old links are still possibly broken, and I am still trying to fix them as time permits. I would like to rearrange the entire organizational format to be categorized only by application (i.e. DNA, RNA, Protein, etc), rather than by web/software. This is because many web apps are starting to function the same way online as a piece of downloadable software might. If I do implement this organizational change, downloadable items will be tagged with terms like "software" or "mobile app" after the name/link. This would be to make it easier to find a resource based on what a researcher is attempting to do. The way that the tool is implemented (software/web) is often irrelevant. If you see any problems with the way I would like to implement these changes, or if you have any suggestions for better ways to do it, please let me know. Please also continue to help fix old links and add more items to this page, as more and more amazing resources are being created all the time. -- Aric C. Warner 16:46, 4 June 2015 (EDT):