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  • Sarah Judson 21:47, 1 July 2010 (EDT): Valerie: The organization of the "stumbles" slide is a bit confusing to me. I'm assuming you'll explain it at your presentation, but it might be nice to first have a bulleted slide introducing the stumbles and then go to the comparison table to give more detail. I like the qualitative comparison tables you have about what searches do and don't work for each depository and search engine. Any quantitative data on your hits and misses?
  • Sarah Judson 21:47, 1 July 2010 (EDT): Nic: I can't get your prezi to come up right now, so I'll try and remember my impressions from the last time I looked at it. I like the overall feel of the presentation. At times, it's a little jumpy for me, so it might be good to have some sections where the movement between areas is distracts a bit from the true content. I do, however, like the visual representation it gives of connections between each portion. Like Heather mentioned, parts were too text heavy for me and would be nicer in bulleted form.
  • Nic Weber 09:35, 2 July 2010 (EDT): Sarah: On the Extracted Fields slide you mention Sharing , Re-use and Production... does production here mean the generation of an original or new dataset? I'm sure you'll clarify in your presentation, I was just curious. On the Qualitative Observations slide, you say "Internal (journal) supplementary depositories used more as a dump than for reusable data"... This is exactly what I was expecting and hoping to hear based on the policy I was reading. We should make a point to try to flesh this out for the sake of publication.
  • Nic Weber 09:35, 2 July 2010 (EDT):Valerie- I like that the slides are well organized in terms of the rows and columns. I'm not sure how you plan to work through each Repository, but it would be helpful to add some sort of indicator where on the slide you are speaking about... like a circle of the cell you're referring to or maybe just use a laser pointer? Just a suggestion.
  • Nic Weber 09:35, 2 July 2010 (EDT):I am really excited to hear more about both of these!