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Instructions for the basic 3-step transformation:

Preflight checklist:

  • Box of competent cells on ice
  • Part Datasheets (includes part dna)
    • hole-punch tools (one per part)
  • sterile Luria Broth + ampicillin (LBamp)
  • 10 mL culture tubes
  • disposable pipets (1mL)
  • tape (for securing tubes to heat source)
  • 2 containers (one of water bath, one for ice bath)
  • microwave
  • thermometer

  1. punch out the dna spot from the datasheet of the part you want to use
    1. and drop the "dna chad" into a thawed tube of competent cells
    2. and leave this tube on ice for 30 minutes
  2. dip the tube into 42°C water for 1 minute (use the other container, the microwave, and a thermometer to heat the water. Be precise!)
    1. put the tube back on ice for 2 minutes
  3. add 500 μL of LBamp
    1. tape the tube to a 37°C heat source, like the back of a computer for 1 hour.
  4. Dump onto an agar+amp plate - or - dump into 5 mL of LBamp in a culture tube.
    1. Incubate your plate or tube at the 37°C heat source overnight

see DIY placenta stem cells for graphic inspiration of this how-to