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I like your version than the original for it's completeness. I was wondering if you'd thought about what happens when there are multiple ways to do things? i.e., for the dna ligation page. Do we make the concensus protocol T4 DNA ligase, NEB's quick ligation kit, or TOPO ligation? Or do we have concensus protocols for each one of these things? Any thoughts?

User:Jamesh008 16.15GMT 30/10/06: I think that we should aim to make a consensus protocol somewhere a new user can get the information they need to either have a go immediately OR make a decision on which specific protocol to use in their own lab for the first time. For instance; NEB's Quick ligation uses a recombinant T4 and specific buffer to achieve faster reation times, it still uses a T4 ligase. The TOPO Technology uses the enzyme DNA topoisomerase I, as a restriction enzyme and a ligase. However both of these result in the same biological result. As such I would see the consensus protocol explaining the differences of each approach with reference to lab specific protocols and company websites. Where things might get a bit contentious is that I think the consensus protocol should encourage people to try the most basic and commonly available one i.e no kits! In this instance more like Endy:DNA ligation using T4 DNA ligase.
I have only a very basic knowledge of ligation, I haven't actually done one for a long time and do not want to be considered an expert.