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  • Reshma 11:08, 3 May 2007 (EDT): I recently had a strange result. I was trying to grow up a couple of constructs in LB-Chloramphenicol media to miniprep. One construct didn't grow at all and the other grew unusually slowly. (I inoculated 5mL cultures from a single colony on a plate streaked from a glycerol stock.) I decided to make up fresh LB-Chloramphenicol media (using the same master stock of chloramphenicol). And in a side-by-side comparison, the constructs grew fine in the new media but not in the old. This result is very strange because I had used the old media previously and it worked just fine. Now I cannot discount obvious errors: another antibiotic was added to the media in the intervening time with indicating it on the bottle or some sort of phage contamination specific to that bottle of media. But nevertheless, I wanted to describe the result here in case anyone has or has had a similar experience. (Also, note that I grew all my cultures in 14mL plastic tubes so it is unlikely to be a culture tube glassware issue.)