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Austin, So are you saying that the transformation efficiency goes up when transforming a plasmid with ccdB, than with the same plasmid without ccdB? Otherwise, it would not be surprising that perhaps DB3.1 is not as competent as other strains such as BL21. The low efficiencies of transforming ccdB into BL21 are just due to its lethality. -Sri Kosuri 18:17, 7 Oct 2005 (EDT)

I created all the competent strains together. Example of results : with pUC19, DH5a has 100 colonies, DB3.1 has 22 colonies, with a ligation, DH5a has hundreds of colonies, DB3.1 has 4 colonies, with pSB1A3-ccdB, DH5a has 5 colonies, DB3.1 has hundreds of colonies. Now that I think a bit more about it, it is quite possible that the DB3.1 is just not as competent and my ccdB transformations just had a lot more plasmid and hence the number of colonies for DB3.1, as I wasn't really controlling for amounts (I just used the minimum amount I could pipet.) -Austin 17:22, 8 Oct 2005 (EDT)