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--Vincent 10:33, 13 December 2006 (EST): To follow-up on the last 'tags' discussion, here are some thoughts:

General comments: - the search engine constrained on namespaces is helpful. - Could be interesting to build a special page to browse the OWW community, meaning to pre-constrain the search on "User" + "Category" namespaces.

Suggested categories on User page:

  • Geographical location
    • Country
    • State/Region
    • City
    • Institution
    • Lab

- Research interest

  • Synthetic Biology
  • Computational biology
  • Lab techniques

- Skills

  • Wetlab:
    • genetic engineering
    • protein engineering
    • ...
  • Programming:
    • C
    • Java
    • Matlab
  • Languages:
    • Spanish
    • English
    • French
    • ...

A comprehensive list is hard to define (and it should not be fixed anyway), but it could be useful to define a strategy to organize categories (like it has been done for 'People'), and then, let it grow. SubCategories, in MediaWiki, seem a powerful tool to browse a tree in a given ontology.