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Better now that you've trimmed down most extraneous content from the class web page and entered your own data. Could still use some more organization or hierarchy. Part of that is the layout of wiki pages and bias toward vertical scrolling, which is a different format from a paper notebook. Disappointing that some data on colony numbers are missing, which wouldn't happen if you were writing things down as you count them, and the plate count at the top doesn't say which plate you were counting. How were there 4 candidates with only 3 colonies? Also don't know which lanes are yours on the gel, since there are two rows of wells. Sean 11:38, 27 February 2007 (EST)

Lab Notebook Evaluation

Date of experiment					√+
Module#/Day#		        			√+
Title for experiment					√+
Brief statement of purpose				√+
Protocol		        		√	
Tables for data entry				√	√+
Calculations entered					√+
Data labeled		        	√-		
Summary/interpretation           			√+	
Overall	     			        	√