Talk:20.109(S15): Complete Western and prepare damaged DNA (Day3)

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Repeat DNA damage digest gel

DNA damage digests repeat

1. 1kb ladder
2. PmeI digested pMax-BFP-MCS
3. KpnI digested pMax-BFP-MCS
4. EcoRI/EcoRV digested pMax-BFP-MCS
5. EcoRV/PstI digested pMax-BFP-MCS
6. BglII/EcoRI digested pMax-BFP-MCS
7. BglII/PstI digested pMax-BFP-MCS
8. XbaI digested pMax-BFP-MCS

T/R Electrophoresis gels and Western Blots

File:TR M2D3 gel1
Yellow, Green, Blue
File:TR M2D3 gel2
Orange, Purple

File:T Th YELLOW.tif File:YellowTR reblot.tif File:T Th GREEN.tif File:GreenTR reblot.tif File:T Th BLUE.tif File:BlueTR reblot.tif File:T Th ORANGE.tif File:OrangeTR reblot.tif File:T Th PURPLE.tif File:PurpleTR reblot.tif

W/F Electrophoresis gels and Western Blots

Platinum, Blue Green
Pink, Orange,Purple
yellow, red

File:W F YELLOW.tif File:YellowWF reblot1.tif File:YellowWF reblot2.tif File:W F GREEN.tif File:Greenwf reblot.tif File:W F BLUE.tif File:BlueWF reblot.tif File:W F ORANGE.tif File:OrangeWF reblot.tif File:W F PURPLE.tif File:PurpleWF reblot.tif File:W F PINK.tif File:PinkWF reblot.tif File:W F PLATINUM.tif File:PlatinumWF reblot.tif File:W F RED.tif File:RedWF reblot.tif