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Flow Cytometry Results

TR Data Plots TR Raw Data
WF Data Plots WF Raw Data
Numbers + Inhibitor Conditions

Final Flow Cytometry Results

Linked here are the compiled flow cytometry results from both the T/R and W/F sections. Some data has been highlighted in yellow and should be carefully considered before using -- in most cases the data is from the intact plasmid transfections where the GFP plasmid was not expressed. You should still be able to calculate the % NHEJ in most cases by using the other intact control condition or by using an intact condition from another group with similar drug treatment. Please ask Shannon, Leslie, or Noreen if you have any questions.

Updated File 4/10/15 - 4:03pm: here Note: Please use this updated file from Katherine, Vipul, Joseph, and Hannah. They fixed an error with the order/topology of their samples. Thanks!