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Cell Culture Photos from Groups with Useable uArray Data


TR Orange

Scrambled siRNA: Media:scrambled.jpg Experimental siRNA: Media:experimental.jpg


TR Blue

(Images taken at 10x) Scrambled siRNA: Media:TR-scrambled.jpg Experimental siRNA: Media: TR-p53.jpg


WF Yellow

Scrambled siRNA: Media:yel_wf_SCR.jpg Experimental siRNA: Media:yel_wf_POLR2D.jpg --

Gene Expression Microarray Data

Note: txt files are available in my Public directory ( or on a USB key.

T/R lab

The barcode ending in "2006" is slide 1, and ending in "2007" is slide 2.

team color team members gene tagged comments .jpg
Red Media:US22502724_251486822006_S03_GE2-v4_91_1_1.jpg
Orange Dahlia & Layla Tada2L Control labeled Red Media:US22502724_251486822006_S03_GE2-v4_91_1_2.jpg
Yellow Media:US22502724_251486822006_S03_GE2-v4_91_1_3.jpg
Green Media:US22502724_251486822006_S03_GE2-v4_91_1_4.jpg
Blue Casey&Danyi Trp53 Control labeled Green Media:US22502724_251486822007_S03_GE2-v4_91_1_1.jpg
Pink Media:US22502724_251486822007_S03_GE2-v4_91_1_2.jpg
Purple Media:US22502724_251486822007_S03_GE2-v4_91_1_3.jpg
Grey Media:US22502724_251486822007_S03_GE2-v4_91_1_4.jpg

W/F lab

The barcode ending in "2008" is slide 1, and ending in "2009" is slide 2.

For people using the Yellow WF data, Scrambled siRNA=Green and polr2d siRNA=Red.

team color team members gene tagged comments .jpg
Red Media:US22502724_251486822008_S01_GE2-v4_91_1_1.jpg
Orange Media:US22502724_251486822008_S01_GE2-v4_91_1_2.jpg
Yellow Steph & Emily polr2d control labeled green Media:US22502724_251486822008_S01_GE2-v4_91_1_3.jpg
Green Media:US22502724_251486822008_S01_GE2-v4_91_1_4.jpg
Blue Media:US22502724_251486822009_S01_GE2-v4_91_1_1.jpg
Pink Media:US22502724_251486822009_S01_GE2-v4_91_1_2.jpg
Purple Media:US22502724_251486822009_S01_GE2-v4_91_1_3.jpg
Grey Media:US22502724_251486822009_S01_GE2-v4_91_1_4.jpg