Talk:20.109(S08):DNA engineering/Restriction map and tissue culture (Day 6)

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Diagnostic Digests

TR lab

Many of the gels today did not have a visible ladder (the protocol was an old one that said to use only 5 μL - sorry about that). A few gels - for blue, and to a large extent purple and red - also seemed to indicate little DNA recovery from the minipreps.

Tue/Thu gels, 3 of 3
Tue/Thu gels, 1 of 3
Tue/Thu gels, 2 of 3
Team colour Digest 1 Digest 2
Green XhoI+EcoRV BamHI+SalI
Red EcoRV+NotI BamHI+XhoI
Pink SalI+EcoRV NotI+EcoRV
Blue NotI+EcoRV XhoI+BamHI
Yellow BamH1+Sal1 EcoRV+Nsi1

WF lab

The gels were pretty bright today, including the ladder. For the blue group, the MW ladder is only faintly/partly visible on the original polaroid. The bands seem to fall b/w 4-5 Kbp for the most part, but it's hard to say for sure.

Team colour Digest 1 Digest 2
Green XbaI/XhoI BamHI/HsiI
Red BamHI/XhoI BamHI/EcoRV
Pink BamHI/SalI BamHI/NsiI
Blue BamHI/XhoI Nsi1/EcoRV
Yellow XbaI/XhoI BamHI/Nsil
Wed/Fri gels, 1 of 2
Wed/Fri gels, 2 of 2