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TR Blots

TR Intensities Defaults

  • EGFR - 700:5, 800:3
  • GAPDH - 700:2, 800:5
  • Akt - 700:2, 800: 6
  • ERK - 700:1, 800:3
  • Pink STAT3 - 700:7, 800:9
  • Pink EGFR - 700:7, 800:3

File:Yellow TR EGFR.tif File:Yellow TR ERK.tif File:Purple TR EGFR.tif File:Purple TR ERK.tif File:White TR EGFR.tif File:White TR ERK.tif File:Green TR EGFR.tif File:Green TR pAkt.tif File:Green TR GAPDH.tif File:Green TR pAkt2.tif File:Green TR GAPDH2.tif File:Green TR totalAkt2.tif File:Orange TR EGFR.tif File:Orange pAkt.tif File:Orange TR GAPDH.tif File:Orange TR pAkt2.tif File:Orange TR GAPDH2.tif File:Orange TR totalAkt2.tif File:Pink TR EGFR2.tif File:Pink TR STAT3.tif File:Pink TR GAPDH.tif File:Blue TR EGFR.tif File:Blue TR STAT3.tif File:Blue TR GAPDH.tif File:Red TR EGFR.tif File:Red TR STAT3.tif File:Red TR GAPDH.tif File:Green EGFR.tif File:Green pAkt.tif File:Green GAPDH.tif File:Plat EGFR.tif File:Plat pAkt.tif File:Plat GAPDH.tif File:Plat TR pAkt2.tif File:Plat TR GAPDH2.tif File:Plat TR totalAkt2.tif

WF Blots

WF Intensities ERK

  • White: 2/3
  • Pink: 1.5/3
  • Green: 2.5/3


  • Red: 6/7.5
  • Blue: 6/8

GAPDH (All Teams)

  • 2/5

File:Yellow WF EGFR.tif File:Yellow WF pAkt.tif File:Yellow WF GAPDH.tif File:Yellow WF totalAkt.tif

  • Note, Yellow blots are in the reverse order.

File:Purple WF EGFR.tif File:Purple pAkt.tif File:Purple WF GAPDH.tif File:Orange WF EGFR.tif File:Orange WF GAPDH.tif File:Red WF EGFR.tif File:Red WF STAT3 2.tif File:Red WF GAPDH.tif File:Blue WF EGFR.tif File:Blue WF STAT3 2.tif File:Blue WF GAPDH.tif File:Pink WF EGFR.tif File:Pink WF ERK.tif File:Green WF EGFR.tif File:Green WF ERK.tif File:White WF EGFR.tif File:White WF Erk.tif