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T/R lab

Here is an example of a gel with all the expected bands, as well as a gel with the needed bands excised. Nice work!!

And here's the gel with your recovered fragments/backbones, ready for ligation. Thanks to Michelle for running and posting this.

Lane Sample Lane Sample
1 Blue Frag 8 Red BKB
2 Blue BKB 9 Orange Frag
3 Green Frag 10 Orange BKB
4 Green BKB 11 Purple Frag
5 Pink Frag 12 Purple BKB
6 Pink BKB 13 Yellow Frag
7 Red Frag 14 Yellow BKB

W/F lab

Drum roll.....Here's the W/F gel of the recovered products.
Green & Pink, you had a faint fragment band, but it was definitely there. Blue's band was very faint if there at all. (I increased the exposure to saturation, and thought I could see a band) Be sure to comment on these data in your lab report as well as possible sources of error. Even if you had perfect data, discussing possible areas for error is encouraged.

Use this image for your homework, but we have more fragment DNA if you need it.

Lane Sample Lane Sample
1 Blue Frag 8 Yellow BKB
2 Blue BKB 9 Purple Frag
3 Green Frag 10 Purple BKB
4 Green BKB 11 Ladder
5 Pink Frag 12
6 Pink BKB 13
7 Yellow Frag 14

For the Green and Blue Teams, I re-ran a gel of your DNA this morning to double check. These samples were run according to the protocol in your lab book. (5 ul DNA) Assume that the ladder band you are interested in is still 125 ng. Since the intensities are different than we originally thought (my mistake), the ratio is off, but you ended up with viable colonies.

Lane Sample
2 Ladder
3 Frag