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  • Works in merchandising
  • Conserves use as much as possible
  • Could choose suppliers
  • Would like to see monthly feedback, see it spike
  • Try to find out how to cut down
  • $40 a month, but not sure kWh
  • Learning about electricity use is a necessity
  • Wishes PA was more progressive

Summary Table

  • Table was talking about historical consumption and usage breakdown
  • Menu could bring up information on the screen
  • Seems to be missing what to do to reach these goals
  • Does not want another product esp if not sure where to put it
  • $150 monthly use
  • 32.7 average use
  • $4.84 average daily cost


  • High, medium, low categories makes her think what she does on these days
  • Interesting to see which days you use high or low "food for thought"
  • She asks, "What is a critical peak day?"
  • $90.09 monthly cost to date
  • 22.72 kWh / $2.95 used yesterday
  • The cut offs for green (under $4.17), yellow, red (above $4.98)
  • Extrapolates $120 by the end of the month
  • Muted colors were deceiving, thought they weren't colored correctly
  • Would compare "today" with other Tuesdays
    • Strat building schedules and habits, some activities each day of the week
  • Would be interested to see high temperature each day
    • Clothes washing
    • AC
  • Attribute actiosn to temperature and identify consumption behavior that are related


  • Looks like a meter in the basement
  • Dotted line is the target at 38 kWh
  • Consumption now 29 kWh
  • Asks if its, "Cumulative or on hourly basis?"
    • Makes sense to be cumulative
    • Makes better if the screen told her what time it was
  • Thought red numbers assumed the actual usage
    • Note to self: need to rethink this
  • Fairly close to target or a bit over the target based on rate of consumption shown on displays
  • Seems like its too much for what its telling me
    • Does not want to take graphic out
    • Text - how you are tracking towards your goal unless you do something different you will go over
  • Assumes the #s 10-110 are usage
  • Does not like the fact that it looks like a "car" speedometer
  • Recommends a bar graph
    • 3 bars
    • 1 where I want to be
    • 3:20 where you are
    • If you don't this is where you will be at the end of the day


  • Generic suggestion
    • Don't want to see generic tips
    • Want them specific to me and based on my usage
    • Asks, "If I turned it off the last 3 nights and I see this again, what's the use?"
  • Wants to see more tips to determine whether they're generic
    • Wouldn't mind if the tips were on a website
  • Cycling tips is something she would want to avoid
    • Make an "off" option
    • Make clear that its a new took so she looks at them
    • Seasonal changes require different tips
  • Okay with buying appliances and rebate programs as tips
    • But suggesting to buy a new appliance alone without a rebate would be insulting because not everyone has the luxury to buy new appliances