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The TIP GROWTH DEFECTIVE1 S-acyl transferase regulates plant cell growth in Arabidopsis. Hemsley PA, Kemp AC & Grierson CS. Plant Cell. (2005) 17(9):2554-63.

TIP1 is required for both tip growth and non-tip growth in Arabidopsis. Ryan, E., Grierson, C.S., Cavell, A., Steer, M., and Dolan, L. New Phytologist. (1998). 138, 49–58

Pollen tube and root-hair tip growth is disrupted in a mutant of Arabidopsis thaliana. Schiefelbein, J., Galway, M., Masucci, J., and Ford, S. Plant Physiol. (1993) 103, 979–985.

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