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Revision to Plans


  • I'm interested in using eMedicine to get treatment information on the diseases that we diagnose. This involves:
    • INPUT: disease name
    • Searching eMedicine for the disease name
      • How do I get to an interface where I can do this?
    • Getting (the right format of) returned information on the disease
      • Can I take it in HTML? I'm not sure how this site works. I will email and see if they
    • Parsing the returned information so it's narrowed down to treatment options
      • How do I parse HTML?
    • OUTPUT: "Treatment: ..."
  • By Tu 4.17:
    • Email eMedicine to see if they have:
      • any BioPython-ready stuff
      • but really, see if there are easy ways to search the site and get data returned in a file format
    • If eMedicine's got nothing, I'll start at the back and hope other people can do the front:
      • write parser for the HTML that returns the Treatment options in a file
  • By Th 4.19:
    • Have talked to other people, and
    • Looked at web-interfacing code
      • Hopefully will be able to figure out a way to search the site and get HTML returned, with this help