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This is to test special chäracter searching in the wiki, as in made-up words like hägklempf.

Müller-Hill is found by just searching Muller-Hill.

from http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Help:Searching#Words_with_special_characters

Words with special characters

In a search for a word with a diaeresis, such as Sint Odiliënberg, it depends whether this ë is stored as one character or as "ë". In the first case one can simply search for Odilienberg (or Odiliënberg); in the second case it can only be found by searching for Odili, euml and/or nberg. This is actually a bug that should be fixed -- the entities should be folded into their raw character equivalents so all searches on them are equivalent. See also MediaWiki User's Guide: Creating special characters.