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Antibacterial drug combinations and evolution of drug resistance
Remy Chait, Harvard Systems Biology
April 24, 2007
68-181, MIT

The rapid evolution of bacterial drug resistance and the alarming slowdown in development of new antibiotics is spurring attention towards multi-drug treatments. But how do such treatments affect the rate of evolution of drug resistance? I will present a simple model and direct experimental measurements showing that non-additive interactions between the drugs can profoundly alter the fitness landscape, leading to surprising and counterintuitive outcomes.


  1. Chait R, Craney A, and Kishony R. Antibiotic interactions that select against resistance. Nature. 2007 Apr 5;446(7136):668-71. DOI:10.1038/nature05685 | PubMed ID:17410176 | HubMed [Chait-Nature-2007]

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