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from Kevin:

"I was talking with Adam Arkin, who runs a DOE:GTL program and is pretty good at executing large-scale, center-based research projects like SynBERC. For the cloning and registry discussions, Adam suggested that we first agree on what decisions we are going to make before we start hashing out the issues. The idea is that it's better to settle up-front on what we want to emerge from the discussion before we get bogged down in technical complexities. Could the SLC/student sessions suggest some practical outcomes for each of these sessions as part of the brainstorming sessions?"

Meta questions

  1. Does SynBERC want to make investments in a Registry 2.0?
  2. How could SynBERC best contribute to this endeavors?
  3. If we do want to work on either or both of these initiatives, how do we want to structure the investment? (Personnel, consulting with companies, research project in a lab?)
  4. What is our vision for the outcome of a SynBERC investment in the Registry?

Practical Outcomes

  • List of 1st generation, simple CAD tools that people would use tomorrow if they were available.