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There were several proposals for new testbeds:

Possible Testbeds

  1. Counter -> Computer (Endy lab)
  2. Safe strains (Farren Isaacs, Church lab)
    • Kill switches
    • Could incorporate a counter
  3. Energy (Keasling, BP)
    • How can we contribute to this research agenda?

Other suggestions

Feel free to add/edit this list.

  1. Counter
  2. Scented bacteria
  3. Plant endosymbiot
  4. Virtual OS
  5. Free-living nitrogen fixers
  6. Materials science (bio-materials)
  7. Genome upload/download
  8. Genetic stability and instability
  9. Kill switch hooked up to a counter
  10. Make use of unnatural AA
  11. Chassis for protein expression, limit incorporation of strange AAs
  12. Enhance E.coli for DNA manipulation
  13. Bio-remediation
  14. Waste management
  15. Changing cell membrane composition
  16. Engineer cellular communities
  17. Introduce recombination sites into E.coli to shuffle genomes on command – faster genome recombination.
  18. E.coli that doubles every 10 mins – divide the chromosome in half. One off oriC and one at F plasmid.
  19. Running systems at stationary phase.
  20. Select for E.coli that are longer
  21. Refactored E.coli
  22. Yeast recombination system in E.coli
  23. In vivo SNP detection system.