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Anyone in the synthetic biology community is welcome to attend.

Tuesday at 12pm

32-G449, MIT

Topic of discussion

Meagan Lizarazo will lead a discussion on automated assembly.

Remote participation

Mark Pearrow of CSAIL TIG has set of Kiva with essentially always-on media streams of a webcam in the back of the room and the video of anything connected to vga port 1. Additionally, audio is captured from a lapel mike stored in the cabinet at the back of the room (on which the webcam is perched). Mark recommends using VLC to connect to the two streams: (main camera/speaker) (slides from laptop input 1)

VLC on Mac OS X cannot open two media streams simultaneously, so Mark suggests making a duplicate copy of the VLC application with a name like 'VLC 2' and using it to connect to the second stream.

Mark is working on a similar setup for Star as well as a "suitcase" version that could be temporarily deployed anywhere.

Alternatives include inviting remote participants to iChatAV videochats, Skype videochats (preferably with the 640x480 high-resolution option set) or using vlc or quicktime broadcaster to provide similar streams to what Mark has set up.

When the PHPfreeChat is working it would be cool to use a second projector to display the chatroom off to the side.