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There is no particular discussion topic scheduled but it might be nice to

  1. quickly recap the highlights of the SynBERC meeting for those who weren't there
  2. brainstorm more potential discussion topics that we want to cover for the spring (since we've covered a fair amount of ground thus far)

If there are any issues folks want to raise with the group, they are welcome since there will likely be time in the schedule.

Additional topics to cover

  1. Controlled transcriptional termination as an implementation for logic - Chris Anderson
  2. Designing enzymatic reactions by splitting catalytic activity and substrate specificity potentially by scaffolds - John Dueber? ask Adam Arkin for someone to talk about this
  3. What is the obvious list of things to do?
    1. Parts characterization
    2. How do we get basic tasks done?
  4. Experience with different parts: RBSs, promoters, terminators - Jen? Chris Anderson? Curt and Hal Alper
  5. Web of registries - Randy
  6. Repetitive sequences and potential for recombination - ask Graham Walker, someone in Philadelphia
  7. Registry of models - Barry and Vincent
  8. Bacterial counter and how you implement it - Tom or Gerry
  9. How do I get a computer inside my cell? - Tom
  10. Human practices - Michael Rossi
  11. Writing DNA - Maia, Farren?, Church lab, Adam Arkin, Sasha and polony sequencing
  12. Noncoding RNAs - Ron Breaker
  13. Materials - Angie Belcher
  14. Education in SB - Natalie and Scot and Austin and Michael and Shawn?
    1. Curriculum
    2. Workshop implementation
    3. Materials
    4. Bootcamp
  15. Security - are we ok with the current investments in biotechnology? - Drew, Gautam? Phil Sharp and Gerry Fink and Jonathan King and Noam Chomsky and Ed Hammond
    • Must act in the absence of perfect knowledge
  16. Impact of big pharma and big ag and big energy on our field
  17. Inteins and Fran Perler from NEB
  18. Brian Baynes and Codon Devices - future of DNA synthesis technology