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HPLC guide

The HPLC on the right uses the older Windows interface; left uses newer Windows
.M files are methods; .S files are sequences
Use the tan filter in front of the column; the Discovery columns don’t require an actual guard column
Set up method by clicking on: method:edit entire method
-be sure end point times are in agreement


Be sure buffer and speed are correct (VLP buffer is 10mM Tris pH 7.4 100mM NaCl and typical speed is 0.2ml/min
Set max pressure to 100bar; should run at around 20bar


Remove reference index (RID)
-click on instrument: configure: RID: remove
-restart program
Use DAD (diode array) with UV measurement (not visible) at 210 and 280nm
-to collect samples manually, remove inlet to RID

Injection samples:

Be sure to leave 10ul or so extra in small sample adaptors
Needle wash before injection


Sequence Table: setup a wash step at the start and end of the run (and every 3 or 4 samples in between)
-should be a different location (91 and 92) than vial for washing the needle
Sequence parameters: put on standby after running
-can leave overnight; turn off otherwise
-be sure to change either sequence name or counter starting position if rerun same samples to prevent overwriting