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Template:RefimproveBLP Template:Toofewopinions Sunanda Pushkar, who in April 2010 voluntarily relinquished a stake in the Kochi IPL team estimated at Rs 70 crore,<ref></ref> belongs to a family of landlords and Army officers from Bomai, 8 km from Sopore in the Kashmir Valley, India.<ref>Template:Cite news</ref> She was sales director in a Dubai-based real estate company Tecom.<ref>Template:Cite news</ref> She is the third wife of well-known politician and former United Nations Under Secretary General Shashi Tharoor.<ref>Template:Cite news</ref> This is also her third marriage.<ref>Template:Cite news</ref> Her first husband was Sanjay Raina, a Kashmiri. After that marriage ended in a divorce, she married a Kerala businessman Sujith Menon but he died in a road accident in 1997. She has a 15-year-old son from her second marriage.<ref>Template:Cite news</ref>


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